Find the Right Security Guard Company

Security Guard

Finding the right security guard company in Miami can feel like a daunting task. There are over 500 companies to choose from, according to a recent Yellow Pages listing search. So how do you know which company has the best guards?

Well, that depends. Are you looking for a touch no-nonsense guard for a high-security location or sensitive areas. Then the best would be that type of individual. However, if you’re looking for a guard that can also provide customer service related functions like front desk security for an office building. Then that security guard would be “the best” for you.

Another factor is crime rates. Depending on what part of Miami-Dade County you are requiring services, will (or should) heavily influence your decision-making process. Click here to see how “safe” you part of town is!

For some, not only is the security guard’s performance onsite important but so is the support staff at the agency. In other words, the guard may be great but how great is the security company itself. You may have the best security guard in Miami, but is the office staff at the guard’s agency also top-notch? The answer, sadly, is sometimes, “No.” Looking at the big picture, when you’re considering what security guard company to do business with make sure your expectations in the following areas are clear to you and communicated clearly to the agency your getting quotes from:

  • Location – where in Miami will the security services be performed?
  • Duties – what will the guard need / be expected to do? Will he or she be expected to interact with you, your coworkers or employees, your clients, or even your vendors?
  • Agency Staff – when you call, how do they treat you? Does the individual on the other end of the line sound professional and courteous, and does he or she explain things thoroughly and fully? For example, did you know that in Florida security services are taxable?